Adhere Cal - NHL based adhesive mortar

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Adhere Cal - NHL based adhesive mortar

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ADHERE Cal is a premixed mortar for laying tiles, formulated exclusively from Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL), siliceous aggregate and additives. Adhere Cal adhesion mortar is vapour permeable making it ideal for use with our Ty Mawr Sublime Insulated Floor.


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the colour and texture of products on this website but due to the limitations of technology, we strongly recommend that sample products are purchased for testing in situ prior to the full order being placed.

Adhere Cal - NHL based adhesive mortar - 25kg bag - 5m2 at 6mm thick

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For adhering Tiles to your Sublime Insulated Floor, there is the choice of products:

  • For up to 10mm thick Tiles and for use with 10mm combed trowel please use AdhereCal
  • For thicker Tiles/Flags and full beds of 25mm plus please use a NHL5 and a Coarse Aggregate
Technical Documents
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