Quantity calculators





Limecrete Floor

Disclaimer : These product calculators are intended to provide an indication of the likely product quantities required based on our average, published coverage rates – trialled and tested over 20 years.

Please note that actual results can vary significantly as application on-site as well as the even-ness and absorption of background can all have an impact e.g. a plaster applied at 7mm instead of 9mm over an area will give different actual results and so you will have material left over, as will an application at 10mm instead of 9mm in which case you will not have enough material - so accuracy and consistency of application is an important factor in determining the amount finally used.

Therefore, we cannot accept any responsibility for any surplus material (or not enough material) being ordered, the client is advised to purchase a sample or small quantity of the product/s before placing the order so that they are able to determine the actual final quantities to order based on what they achieve on site.

It is not intended as a specification tool - we have provided tips and options where possible but specification clauses and technical sheets should be consulted, it is not possible to exhaust all possibilities and options within the limitations of these calculators.

If you have any queries, please contact our Sales team on 01874 611350. Otherwise, thank you for using our calculators, we hope that you find them useful and we very much look forward to receiving your order and working with you on your project. Our team of Product Advisers are here to ensure your project is a success!