Lime Mortars can be seen in a wide range of colours and compositions across the country, they will vary from region to region as local sands, local sources of lime and pozzolans would traditionally have been used.

It is the aggregate/sand that predominantly affects the colour and texture.

It is important when working on an old building to select an appropriate mortar. Consideration should always be given to,

  • The aesthetic - the colour and texture of the original mortar (unless it is to be subsequently limewashed).
  • The strength and flexibility required for a successful, long-term lime mortar which comes primarily from the type of lime and to some extent the mix ratio.

Golden Rule:  The mortar should always be weaker than the fabric of the building (as it should be the sacrificial part of the construction – easier and cheaper to replace the mortar rather than the brick/ stone).

It is important not to choose the type of lime simply based on its compressive strength, mostly this is not helpful, even the softest stones will have a higher compressive strength than strong mortars, it is the capillarity and porosity that are important.

We offer a range of standard premixed, ready-to-use non-hydraulic or fat lime putty mortars using aggregates to give a distinctive colour and texture, please note that these are naturally occurring aggregates which means there may be colour variations between batches/samples, please feel free to discuss this at the time of ordering.

Our standard range of premixed mortars can be seen here, again, please note that the photographs can only give an indication of the colour so please order a Mortar Sample Box or request a free individual sample to check it is the right mortar for your project. You can order a free sample by emailing or call 01874611350.

If a hydraulic lime mortar is specified or required, then, we offer a range of hydraulic limes and aggregates.

We also offer a range of hydraulic premixed mortars (just add water) using pigments to give a consistent colour in various grades, from coarse, fine and waterproof. You can see these here.

If you are unsure or do not feel we have a mortar to match yours, then we can still try to assist you with our mortar analysis service. Learn more about this service here, alternatively, you can email us at or call 01874611350.

We also have a mortar selection table that can be used to aid in mortar selection, please click here to view the selection table. 

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