Boards & Substrates

Buildings have a profound effect on our environment; more and more of our clients are recognising this and hence the rationale for using the environmentally-friendly building and decorating materials. The following information helps to illustrate this:

  • buildings are responsible for a large proportion of the CO2 emissions in this country - 50% result from energy used in buildings; 10% from their construction;
  • The Environment Agency's trend data shows that around 2.5 million tonnes of C&D (Construction and Demolition) waste was handled in 2007 by waste facilities in Wales. Nearly half of this waste was landfilled, and only eight years of landfill space remains in Wales;
  • the development, use and maintenance of buildings result in the consumption of 6 tonnes of building materials per person per annum in the UK. if we all choose low-impact materials, we could really make an enormous difference!

Ty-Mawr is one of the longest established and most innovative companies in the green construction market in the UK today, a market that is predicted to see tremendous growth (22.8% pa until 2017). Ty-Mawr has contributed products such as glaster® and lime hemp plaster to the green construction industry and more recently has received LABC registered details for our timber-frame, warm roof, external and internal wall insulation systems that all use exclusively environmentally-friendly, breathable materials.

At Ty Mawr, we stock one of the widest ranges of traditional and sustainable boards and substrates to carry Lime Plasters and/ or provide insulation including 

Traditional Riven or Sawn Laths 

Schneider Woodfibre Boards  Celenit Wood Wool Boards  Cork Boards  P-Beads

We have incorporated the products into a range of insulation systems for 

Walls - Internal and External Wall Insulation Floors Warm Roof Insulation  Timber Frame Loft Insulation

 Please see our selection table to help you choose the most appropriate board for your application. You can see the full range of applications in our Retrofit Systems Brochure.