Green Homes Grants

We are delighted to hear of the recent Government announcements to support energy efficiency measures as part of their green recovery plans with the establishment of the Green Homes Grant scheme.

In the UK, 1 in 4 of our homes are pre-1919 ‘solid’ wall construction and in Wales, the figure is 1 in 3. It is important that if insulation measures are being supported for these buildings that they are undertaken using appropriate materials that will help to maintain vapour permeability, i.e. to manage moisture, therefore any insulation solution must also be vapour permeable to avoid the problems that we now know are associated with trapped moisture.

At Tŷ-Mawr, we have developed a number of systems using environmentally friendly materials that both respect and support the nature of these buildings as well as the planet. These systems are now all registered with Local Authority Building Control.

The Green Homes Grant which was revealed in Chancellor Rishi Sunak's summer statement, which is due to commence in September, is a £2 billion grant scheme for projects in England which will enable hundreds of thousands of homeowners to receive vouchers of up to £5,000 for energy-saving home improvements, with lower incomes receiving up to £10,000. 

We are awaiting full details from the government, but it looks as though the scheme may cover:

  • Loft insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Double and triple glazing
  • Eco-friendly boilers, heat pumps, low-energy lighting and energy-efficient doors

The scheme is said to involve a "whole-house approach", where a retrofit co-ordinator will determine what measures will ensure the best value for money for you and the taxpayer in your home.

Please follow the links to learn more about our products and systems and what they can offer in terms of

  • Improving the energy efficiency of your home/building
  • Contributing to a healthy living/working environment by managing moisture and hence regulating humidity.
  • Reducing your impact on the environment

You can find links to our calculators here, which will work out quantities needed for your areas and calculation forms here if you need us to undertake a condensation risk analysis or heat loss calculation (to determine the amount of insulation needed).

Check if you are eligible and apply for vouchers here.

If you would like to discuss these any further do not hesitate to contact our product support team on or call 01874 611 350.

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