External Wall Insulation System

Ty-Mawr's External Wall Insulation (EWI) Systems are part of our innovative range of LABC-registered sustainable building solutions.

These systems are ideal for the refurbishment of existing solid external walls as well as cavity walls (care should be taken to ensure that the cavity is shut off or filled - seek professional guidance).In addition to their thermal and acoustic performances, their vapour permeability properties help them to regulate humidity within the building, contributing to a more comfortable and healthy living environment.

Ty-Mawr's registered systems offer a choice of high quality, ecological and sustainable insulation materials.

EWI is installed from the outside, effectively wrapping the building. This type of installation method can change the physical appearance of the building (which may require planning permission), may necessitate the removal of rainwater goods, and may require the adoption of the roof and wall junctions as well as window and door openings, as the wall is effectively being made thicker.

It is possible to use the ecoCork plaster externally with the correct detailing, protection and environment to carbonate. The cork provides some insulation and is less disruptive than the board system. It will also help to improve weatherproofing and air tightness.

For further information about any of our insulation systems, see our technical sheets, or please call our Technical Support team on 01874 611350 or email technical@lime.org.uk.

Ty-Mawr is proud to be a LABC-registered partner with LABC Cymru.

To speak to us about your project please call us on 01874 611 350 or to be offered a competitive quotation please fill out our calculation form and email it back to tymawr@lime.org.uk

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