Calculating the U-Value and thermal performance of a Sublime® floor

Paul Ireland posted this on 2 Feb 2017

Using the thermal conductivities of the floor components we can calculate the depth of insulation required to achieve a specific U-value (what is a U-value), the Glapor insulation layer has excellent thermal performance with a thermal conductivity (lambda - λ) of 0.083 W/mK and the limecrete has a thermal conductivity of 0.45 W/mK.

To calculate the U-value we will need the following information

  • Overall Floor Area (m2)
  • Total Exposed Perimeter* (m)
  • External Wall Thickness (mm)

* For more details on the exposed perimeter requirement please see our FAQ here.

For a U-value calculation and quotation please fill in our free online calculation form here


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