Insulate your home or building - naturally!

We are proud to be celebrating fifteen years of working with Eden Renewable Innovations; supporting and selling their Thermafleece product range - the only fully British sourced and manufactured natural wool and hemp insulation range.

All of these products have excellent technical properties and are highly suitable for old buildings for loft, wallroof and inter-floor insulation (as they also actively manage moisture and so help to regulate humidity); they are also suitable for ecological new builds because of their excellent environmental credentials.

Wool insulation is a very popular choice for those concerned about indoor air quality as it actually removes and locks up formaldehyde given off by some composite, glued products as well as regulating humidity.

Ty-Mawr Thermafleece is made exclusively for us with Welsh sheep’s wool helping in a small way to support our rural economy and way of life as well as minimising road miles.

The hemp product is made from plant fibre i.e. British grown hemp and like all THERMAFLEECE products, it is long-lasting, safe to handle and contributes to a healthier indoor environment by regulating moisture in the building.

We are also now stocking their latest product - Supasoft – insulation made from recycled polyester fibres from recycled plastic bottles – which creates an economical, long-lasting and safe insulation, ideal for lofts.

For those who prefer a product made from wood from sustainable sources, we also stock the Schenider Flex 50 Flexible Woodfibre Insulation. This product is ideal for use between timber studs and between exterior wall battens as it offers excellent thermal, heat, acoustic and moisture protection and between pitched roof rafters as it offers excellent heat and noise protection.

To help with the selection of which product is best for you we have written a comparison table or please call our sales and product support team on 01874 611350. You can see the full range of applications in our Retrofit Systems Brochure.

To help with estimating the quantities you require – please use our newly updated insulation calculator.

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