Staining - the s**t way of doing it!

Tŷ-Mawr ‌‌ posted this on 13 Apr 2016

Staining - the s**t way to do it!

 For options on staining see below:

 Using Cow muck :

  • 2 coats of the cow muck
  • 1 coat  of hemp with 12: 1 hemp to muck
  • 1 coat fine hemp


It is important that the wall is as clean as possible before starting and that the coats with cow muck in them are thoroughly dry before proceeding.


Clean the wall as thoroughly as possible using a wire brush or a churn brush. Ensure that the wall is dry and that there are no existing problems.  With manure, it needs to be as fresh as possible - the best place to get it is from the floor of a milking parlour first thing in the morning, as it's very fresh, easy to shovel up and not contaminated by loads of straw and feed.


Dilute it to the consistency of melted ice-cream in a bucket and whip it up with a paddle mixer, then paint two coats onto the sooty surface, rubbing it well in and allowing it to dry thoroughly between coats. Then mix in manure to the first coat of hemp scratch coat in a ratio of 12:1 hemp plaster: manure, then apply the fine hemp plaster over the top.


This method is usually very effective in stopping staining, however, if stains do track through or you choose not to do the above method then for internal use there is a primer that will delay the staining tracking through.


Earthborn isolating primer can be applied in a couple of coats, allow it to dry between applications for at least a week, preferably two followed by Earthborn clay paint.