Why should I use a Ty-Mawr sublime® insulated floor?

Glover Sure posted this on 2 Feb 2017

Ty-Mawr has been designing and supplying floors since 1999. Thousands of floors have been supplied for everything from humble cottages to churches and cathedrals to commercial premises all over the UK, and abroad.  

Our Insulated Limecrete floor system first received Local Authority Building Control Systems Type Approval in 2009 and the sublime® floor has a LABC Registered Detail this means that it can be specified and used in all 376 Local Authority areas in the UK, this is conditional on Ty-Mawr both designing and supplying the floor (please note we cannot supply a certificate for floors that we did not supply even if we did the original design as we would not have the knowledge of the exact components or mixes used or depths of layers laid). We also have Local Authority Building Standards Scotland approval.

Our uniquely experienced team are renowned for their excellent backup and support to ensure that you have peace of mind from the design and specification stage through to the final installation of the floor. They are well rehearsed in dealing with all parties involved including specifiers, contractors, clients as well as building control to ensure the floor performs as you would expect for years to come.  

To obtain a quote for your required U-Value, please see our online Calculator

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