Can I install a Sublime Limecrete Floor with shallow foundations?

Tŷ-Mawr ‌‌ posted this on 9 May 2017

Yes, you can – with the correct detailing and considerations, Sublime floors can be installed in these situations. We supply many floors to buildings with limited or no foundations such as barns.

Dig small trial pits to ascertain your levels and depth of foundations if they exist. You need to ideally have a depth of 250mm (150mm glapor and 100mm slab). In general with historic buildings, it is far better to refrain from underpinning as this can cause further movement in other areas of the structure. Simply chamfer your excavation at 45 degrees from the base of the wall for buildings with shallow foundations or step in 200mm and then chamfer at 45 degrees for buildings with limited or no foundations. In certain situations, advice should be sought from a professional ground worker and/or conservation structural engineer who will be able to guide you through a process for the successful installation of the floor. 



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