Lime plasters were commonly used in most buildings as the internal finish from the humble cottage to grand cathedrals, it is only in recent times that we have started to strip plasters off to reveal the stone or brickwork. However lime plasters have several attributes, as well as helping to maintain the well-being of the building (moisture control and flexibility), lime plaster also has a “soft aesthetic” which gives older buildings a particular “feel”.

Their ability to control moisture also makes them highly appropriate finishing for use with other ecological materials such as straw, wood and earth, hence their increased use in new eco-builds.

Lime plasters also improve the equality of the internal environment as they help regulate humidity by absorbing moisture and thus creating a healthier environment.  

Ty-Mawr Premixed lime plaster (made using the hot mix method) is a ready-to-use, wet plaster that simply requires knocking up prior to use.

It is produced by blending our fat lime putty with specially selected aggregates – coarse for roughcast and base coats, and fine for the top coats. This is done in our semi-automated production facility which ensures consistency and quality.

Our Premixed lime plaster can be supplied haired (synthetic/natural) or un-haired so that hair/fibre can be added on site.

Ty Mawr’s Lime hemp plaster is a blend of lime (binder) and British hemp plant fibres/shiv and fine aggregate, to make a plaster which is suitable for old buildings as well as ecological new builds.

If a hydraulic lime plaster is specified or required then we offer a range of hydraulic limes and aggregates. We also offer a range of hydraulic premixed plasters (just add water) using pigments to give a consistent colour in various grades, from coarse, fine and waterproof! You can see these here!

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