Traditional Building Skills

We offer a range of courses in Traditional Building Skills such as Thatching, Decorative Plasterwork and Drystone Walling. Our Thatching Course is a one day course, starting with an illustrated talk on the history and styles of thatching, the day then focuses on practical hands-on work on a purpose built display. It will cover what is and isn't repairable, new and repair projects, and selection of materials. All work is done at ground level. Suitable for homeowners, builders, architects and other enthusiasts. 

Our Decorative Plasterwork course is an introduction to decorative plasterwork with practical demonstrations and ample opportunity for hands-on work. It will include taking profiles, making running moulds, running in-situ, and casting enrichments. This course is suitable for tradespeople and those who have a basic understanding of plastering. 

Our Drystone Walling course is a two-day introduction to dry stone walling and is a practical day that takes delegates through every stage of taking down and reconstructing a drystone wall. Ideal for beginners and enthusiasts The course starts with an introductory lecture on the geology and history of walls in as well as the principles of dry stone walling. It is then very much hands-on, learning through doing, and includes: Stripping out and repairing an old wall, how to select the right stones for the job, preparing and laying foundations, how to construct a double faced wall, and how to finish the wall with coping stones.  

Even though these courses can be very popular, we do need to meet a minimum requirement to make the course run, if the course/date that you want says 'full' or you cannot see a date that suits you, please email as we keep reserve lists and regularly put on extra courses to keep up with demand so let us know what you are interested in and when suits you so that we can try to accommodate you. 


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