Tours & Courses

Tours of The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden is a local showcase for small-scale food production using organic principles.

You can visit us by appointment with 24 hours minimum notice for a tour of the garden with tea or coffee & cake, where we will introduce you to our practices in sustainability as well as nurturing bodies, soul and soils!
You are also welcome to purchase vegetables, bunches of herbs, salad items, and much more from our shop.

To find out more or for new upcoming classes call Rae on 07949 396589 or email for more details

Weave Lunch & Forage Day

  • Dates to be announced 

Learn to weave a beautiful berry basket with expert weaver Heather Dickens, admire your work whilst enjoying a delicious lunch, then work off lunch with a forage into the meadows and lanes around Ty-Mawr and fill that basket full of wild goodies!

Open to ages 5 to 105, we ask that each child under 12 (who get a free ticket!) has a grown-up guardian to help them make the basket, which they will then share. Anyone over 12 makes their basket!

Berry Basket Making 

  • Dates to be announced
  • 10:00am - 4:00pm

Spend a day at The Kitchen Garden Ty Mawr and learn to weave a small willow basket with expert tuition from Heather Dickens.

Tea, coffee & cake provided plus a delicious homemade lunch. Wine also available!

What a lovely way to spend an autumn Sunday, learn a new skill, meet like-minded souls & enjoy the environs of The Kitchen Garden.

Booking Essential! 

To find out more or for new upcoming classes call Rae on 07949 396589 or email for more details

Botanical Gin Making 

  • Sunday 15th Dec - 2019
  • Sunday 16th Feb - 2020
  • Sunday 31st May - 2020
  • Sunday 13th Sept - 2020
  • Sunday 13th Dec - 2020
  • £49.00 per person 

'Fancy making your botanical gin blend?

Or maybe you're looking for a present for a loved one who loves to guzzle gin?

Start with a short forage in and around the Kitchen Garden. Learn about the strange history of gin. Enjoy a home-cooked 'Kitchen Garden' soup & fresh bread. Then delve into the massive array of herbs, spices & other ingredients provided for you. Enjoy a free cocktail and then skip home clutching your own300ml jar of bounteous botanical joy!

Email booking essential

 Fermentation Made Easy At The Kitchen Garden 

  • Wednesday 18th Mar 2020 - Lactic Fermentation
  • Wednesday 25th Mar 2020 - Lactic Fermentation - FULLY BOOKED!! 
  • Saturday28th Mar 2020 - Sourdough 
  • 10:00am - 1:00pm 
  • £47 per person 

Fermentation has existed as a method of food preservation and a way to create drinks for thousands of years. So many fermented products are familiar to us such as bread, miso, yoghurt, tofu, sauerkraut, cheese, sour cream, beer, wine, salami and vinegar but they are now enjoying a renaissance for two main reasons. Firstly, people are discovering the wild and invigorating spectrum of flavours that are produced when natural and traditional fermenting methods are used without the use of additives and pasteurisation. Secondly, live-cultured food provides a huge amount of beneficial bacteria which helps support our microbiome and our gut health. Indeed live fermented foods can provide not only a great source of probiotics but also a rich source of prebiotics. There has not been a better time to rediscover the skill of wild fermentation and take part in this voyage of discovery!

These courses will offer an in-depth introduction to everything you need to know about fermentation techniques to create a range of probiotic, live cultured food and drinks such as kimchi, milk kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, viili yoghurt, beet kvass, tepache and more. At the end of each session, you will have ferments to take home as well as recipes and the knowledge to experiment further. 

Beginners and Refreshers welcome!

To find out more or for new upcoming classes call Rae on 07949 396589 or email for more details

Get Growing - Regenerative Gardening 

  • Saturday 21st Mar - 2020
  • 10am - 3:00pm (inc lunch)
  • Saturday 9th May - 2020
  • Saturday 19th Sept - 2020
  • Saturday 10th Oct - 2020
  • 10am - 1pm 
  • 1/2 day £42 per person 
  • The full-day course £60 per person 

A  course on looking after soils. Regenerative growing and no-dig gardening. Composting and annual versus perennial planting.

A small group to encourage you to ask questions all set in the beautiful Kitchen Garden at Ty Mawr.

The Q&A session will be over coffee and cake!

Beginners and Refreshers welcome! Children 11 upwards welcome.

All enquiries welcome.

To book your place or call Rae on 07949 396589 or email for more details 

A few testimonials from recent guests!!

We found the course very inspiring and feel now we know how to make a start (as before when contemplating growing, it all just felt a bit overwhelming). Also to be in the presence of such passion and knowledge, from you, has been greatly motivating. So let's see!


Art Days at The Kitchen Garden

  • Sunday 19th July - 2020
  • Wednesday 19th Aug - 2020
  • Wednesday 16th Sept - 2020
  • 10am - 3pm

Why not join us for an Art Day at The Kitchen Garden at Ty-Mawr?

Our relaxing day unfolds with a tour of the Kitchen Garden and immediate grounds. During this time you will either be selecting a location within which to paint, or selecting vegetables, flowers or foliage to paint, either in the shop or the Winehouse.

We will then have two hours of Painting/Drawing. 

The afternoon will be spent with individual instruction for all followed by a discussion of the day's work and delighting in your work!

To find out more or for new upcoming classes call Rae on 07949 396589 or email for more details


No Dig Gardening for Autumn and Winter, plus planning for Spring

Putting the garden to bed for winter

  • Dates to be announced

No-dig gardening for Autumn & Winter plus planning for Spring. Includes soil nourishment, compost making, division of perennials, winter crops. A morning course designed to provide a hands-on guide to putting the garden to bed for the winter. The course will cover, mulching, protection and winter crops. With an emphasis on an organic and sustainable approach. 

It is designed to provide you with the basics to start your garden, pots or backyard using sustainable practices. A small group to encourage you to ask questions with hands-on demonstrations. All set in the beautiful Kitchen garden at Ty Mawr. 

We will cover site, situation, soils, composts, propagation, general maintenance and organic controls. The Q&A session will be over coffee and cake!

Beginners and Refreshers welcome!

All enquiries welcome.

To book your place or call Rae on 07949 396589 or email for more details



Italian Nights at The Kitchen Garden!! 

  • Dates to be announced

We are delighted to announce that Nonna Caterina is back at The Kitchen Garden in 2019. We will be having an authentic Italian Evening on a Saturday Night at The Kitchen Garden. We have teamed up with Nonna Caterina Italian Food, to create a constantly changing five-course menu, which focuses on what is available in the garden each week. The pasta served is all organic and handmade, the salads and vegetables are our organic produce from the garden. We will be using very local and free-range meat, but can also cater for vegetarians. £27pp Bring your wine.

We will be having supper on selected Saturday evenings throughout the year with more events to be confirmed. 

To see an example of the menu please click here. 

Pre-booking is essential, to find out more or book your space call Alison on 07490143385.