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The Kitchen GardenTours of The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden  is a local showcase for small scale food production using organic principles.

You can visit us by appointment with 24 hours minimum notice for a tour of the garden with tea, coffee & cake, where we we will introduce you to our practices in sustainability as well as nurturing bodies, soul and soils!

You are also welcome to purchase vegetables, bunches of herbs, salad items, and much more from our shop.


Get Growing Course 

10th June 2017 - Spaces still Available 


 A morning course aimed at all those who would like to know more about how to get the best from their garden, sustainably and organically!

 We will cover site, situation, soils, composts, propagation, general maintenance and organic controls. The Q&A session over coffee and cake!

 Beginners and refreshers welcome!

 Book your place below or call Rae on 07949 396589 or email for more details

 A testimonial from a recent guest!!

"The thanks are very much our preserve given your excellent, engaging and thought provoking morning. I learnt much that will be of use, particularly about composting and raised beds, plus the sheer diversity of the vegetable world. You have widened my horizons and taste buds. So - again a huge thanks to you and your wonderful kitchen garden. We are so lucky to have you in this lovely area."

Art Days at The Kitchen Garden

Why not join us at an Art Day at The Kitchen Garden at Ty-Mawr?

Our relaxing day unfolds with a tour of the Kitchen Garden and immediate grounds. During this time you will either be selecting a location within which to paint, or selecting vegetables, flowers or foliage to paint, either in the shop or the Winehouse.

We will then have two hours of Painting/Drawing prior to lunch.

The afternoon will be spent with individual instruction for all followed by a discussion of the day's work and delighting in your work!

Dates to be announced for 2017 – email if you are interested


Fermentation Made Easy At The Kitchen Garden 

13th June - Spaces Available Kimchi, Milk Kefir, Ginger bug, ginger beer, elderflower champagne, tepache 

 24th June - Spaces Available - Kombucha, Sauerkraut, preserved lemons 

4th July - Spaces Available - Beet kvass, brine ferments, Villi and Matsoni yoghurt 

Fermentation has existed as a method of food preservation and a way to create drinks for thousands of years. So many fermented products are familiar to us such as bread, miso, yogurt, tofu, sauerkraut, cheese, sour cream, beer, wine, salami and vinegar but they are now enjoying a renaissance for two main reasons. Firstly, people are discovering the wild and invigorating spectrum of flavours that are produced when natural and traditional fermenting methods are used without the use of additives and pasteurisation. Secondly, live cultured food provide a huge amount of beneficial bacteria which helps support our microbiome and our gut health. Indeed live fermented foods can provide not only a great source of probiotics but also a rich source of prebiotics. There has not been a better time to rediscover the skill of wild fermentation and take part in this voyage of discovery!

A series of 3 courses will offer an in-depth introduction into everything you need to know about fermentation techniques to create a range of probiotic, live cultured food and drinks such as kimchi, milk kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, viili joghurt, beet kvass, tepache and more.  At the end of each session you will have ferments to take home as well as recipes and the knowledge to experiment further. The sessions can be attended singly or at a discounted rate for three sessions. 

Beginners and refreshers welcome!

Book your place below or call Rae on 07949 396589 or email for more details