Aglaia Corrosion Protection Paint

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Aglaia Corrosion Protection Paint

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A corrosion inhibiting priming paint for ferrous metals and steel for indoor and outdoor use. Exclusively made from natural raw materials.

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Aglaia Corrosion Protection Paint - 3 Litres

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Aglaia Corrosion Protection Paint - 750ml

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Aglaia Corrosion Protection Paint is a covering priming paint for bright metal and steel, indoors and outdoors. Suitable e.g. for steel girders, fittings or bars. Has an inactivating, inhibiting effect on the metallic surface. Not suitable for galvanized steel sheet. Can be Further treatment with Weather Protection Laquer for outdoors, or Interior Laquer, glossy or satin-matt for indoors.

Clean appliances, tools and clothes with Balsam Laquer Thinner immediately after use.

Coverage: 10 square meters per litre.

Technical Documents
View FileBeeck's Corrosion Protection Paint Technical Sheet    Size: (104.18 KB)

Iron mica based active mineral pigments have an inactivating effect on the metal surface and reduce the susceptibility to corrosion.

The strongly adhesive primer prevents the access of water and, thus, of corrosion stimulating substances carried along, such as air pollutants and salts. 

contains plant oils that absorb oxygen while drying and cross-link to become an elastic, water-repellent film. 

No tendency to flake off even when subject to intensive weathering. 

High solids content. Free of toxic, chromium (VI) or lead based heavy metals. 

Recommended from a biological and ecological building point of view. 


How long will it take to dry?

Under normal conditions, dustfree dry after 6 to 8 hours, touch dry and safe to coat after 24 hours. Thick layers 
and low temperatures delay the drying process. Therefore, ensure proper ventilation and heating. Handle with care until completely dry.

How long will it keep?

Lasts at least 12 months when stored cool and free of frost in the airtight sealed original container. Once opened, re-seal container airtight.

What is it made from?

Full declaration according to the quality standards of the Association for Natural Colors (AGN): 

[1]: Dehydrated castor (stand) oil, Citrus peel oil, Iron mica, Diatomaceous earth; [2]: Zinc white, Talcum, Silicic acid; [3]: Calcium stearate, Lecithin, Turkey red oil, Aluminum stearate, Swelling clay, Co/Zr/Ca drying agents. 

Explanation of Symbols: 
[1] ... Raw material rate in product > 10% 
[2] ... Raw material rate in product 1-10% 
[3] ... Raw material rate in product < 1%