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"Thank you all very much for your endless patience and advice over the house... everybody comments on how nice the paints are... You gave us the confidence to push on and be brave with the lime... thank you... you have been very generous with your time."
PH, Pembrokeshire

Clay & Dung Daubs


Clay and/or dung based daubs are primarily used now to repair the in-fill panels of timber framed buildings - wattle and daub.

Archaeological evidence shows that this technique has been around since the Neolithic period and it is still widely used today in the Middle East and parts of Africa. Wattle and daub construction is cheap, reasonably weather resistant, and cooling, the limewashed walls can prevent heat penetration in extreme climates, making it ideal for these locations but we recognise it's insulating properties here too in cooler climates.

The daub is applied by hand to wattles which are interwoven branches, lathes, or rods. Daub has a plaster-like consistency and can be mixture of clays, mud, plant fibers, and animal dung. After the daub sets, it is then limewashes to make it more weather resistant.

We are also able to make daub to order if you are wanting to follow an historic recipe for example.

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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the colour and texture of products on this website but due to the limitations of technology, we strongly recommend that sample products are purchased for testing in situ prior to the full order being placed.


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