Ethical Farm Supplies - The Pecking Block

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Ethical Farm Supplies - The Pecking Block

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A unique blend of nutritious wholegrain wheat, sunflower and maize from wholesome natural ingredients that the birds could find in their natural habitat

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Ethical Farm Supplies - Pecking Feed Block (10kg each)

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The Pecking Block enriches the poultry environment.

The Nutritious 10 kg wheat, sunflower and maize block provides an area of interest for your flock and helps to prevent feather pecking and boredom while providing the weaker birds the food they may have missed out on, ensuring complete flock health.

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  • Area of interest – helps prevents feather pecking and boredom
  • Quick, easy and no mess
  • Trace elements for improved all-round health
  • Provides essential
    • Vitamins,
    • Minerals
    • Fiber for healthy feather growth and egg production
  • Added oyster shell for improved egg shell quality


The Pecking Block is the easiest way to prevent vices while supplying the birds with the vital mineral, fibers and vitamins.

If these vices aren’t stopped, the intensity increases due to the ‘copy-cat’ nature of chicken and can result in horrific injuries and cannibalism

All poultry is at risk to the sudden outbreaks of feather pecking, however farmers have experienced far fewer problems when a Pecking Block is consistently put in with their flock.