Wood Wool Boards

CEWOOD construction panels are a natural, nature and human health friendly, easy handiness, excellent sound absorption, good thremal insulation and much better thermal inertia material produced in Latvia. Construction panels are made from high quality wood wool and grey cement and thanks to the natural materials, the panels perfectly provide the pleasant microclimate characteristic of wooden constructions in the premises. CEWOOD construction panels - 3,0 mm wood wool, grey cement


CEWOOD construction panels are materials that do not change their properties during lifetime, they have the widest application in different building constructions:

  • In demarcated constructions of buildings – walls, partitions, coverings, roof construction, etc.
  • In building insulation – especially in wooden frame buildings, renovation of old buildings, increasing of building thermal inertia.
  • Sound insulation solutions and permanent shuttering in monolith building.

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