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"I would not have missed it for the world... What shone through was the ENTHUSIASM, the WARMTH, and the CARING... whilst the lime story is exciting and challenging and instrumental in earning you a living, which I am sure is most stressful, demanding and draining at times... please do not lose heart. I pray that you will be given the grace to perservere in your quest for lime to play a major part in today's world".
BG, Powys


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AggregatesAggregates for Backing Coat Plasters/Renders

Specially selected aggregates to be mixed with lime putty or hydraulic lime to ensure technically excellent backing coats for both plasters (internally) and renders (externally), the grading will ensure excellent workability and minimal shrinkage.


AggregatesAggregates For Mortar

High quality aggregates specifically selected to be blended with lime putty or hydraulic limes to produce mortars for pointing and building.

AggregatesAggregates For Top Coat Plaster

For Internal Top Coats - Fine aggregates are carefully sourced and selected by Ty-Mawr, mixed with lime putty or hydraulic lime to ensure that the finest quality finish coat is produced for your plaster, with excellent workability and minimal shrinkage. For External Top Coats - As well as our Beach Aggregate (see Aggregates for Backing Coats), we also offer an aggregate for producing Roughcast; a technique highly popular in both Scotland and Wales as it improves the 'weather-shedding' potential of buildings in more exposed areas.

AggregatesRecycled Aggregates

Our recycled glass aggregate can be used with hydraulic lime to make up the screed layer in the Limecrete Floor or with lime putty/hydraulic lime for plasters/renders!

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