Winter Weather Protection

Date published: 19/11/2019

It is that time of year again when we all need to be extra careful about how we protect our lime work from the weather. As with all good building practice using any mortars, plasters/renders and paints, protection should be provided against frosts, wind, rain and direct sunlight.

Remember, it is not recommended to use lime products (lime mortars, renders and limewashes) when temperatures are liable to fall below 5°C (41°F) ( in the following weeks/months after the product has been used), this is especially true for Non Hydraulic/Fat Limes/Air Limes and the weaker Natural Hydraulic limes (NHL's).

In winter months, unless adequate weather protection is provided, Non-Hydraulic/Fat Limes/Air/Putty Limes and the weaker Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL's) should not be used externally until spring. Where work needs to go ahead then choosing the right protection and using it properly is key - to see our range of weather protection - please follow the link below! To see our ful weather warnings for Lime Products click here and for Hemp Products please click here. If in doubt, call our experienced sales and technical team 01874 611350.