Why Earthborn Wall Glaze is the decorator’s secret weapon!

Date published: 08/11/2017

Why Earthborn Wall Glaze is the decorator’s secret weapon!

Earthborn is most well-known for their range of eco-friendly paints, such as our super breathable Claypaint, and Ecopro range of trade paints. But did you know they make a number of other decorating products to help make your project go a little more smoothly?

One of the most popular products is Earthborn Wall Glaze, a highly versatile water-based medium with a range of uses. Decorators love this product because it has a number of unique properties that make using Earthborn paints easy and practical.

The top uses for Earthborn Wall Glaze:

  • To prepare and stabilise powdery walls before painting

Earthborn Wall Glaze is a clear, slightly gloopy liquid with excellent binding properties. When diluted with water it can be applied to powdery or dusty surfaces prior to painting to help create a sound and stable surface. What’s more, its highly breathable so can even be used to stabilise old or powdery lime plasters. We’d always recommend removing as much loose and flaky material as possible before applying, but using a diluted coat of Wall Glaze will help to bind the surface ready for painting.

  • To protect exposed brick or other unpainted walls

Many exposed interior brick walls or unpainted feature walls that have been stripped back to reveal an interesting texture, for example, can be powdery to touch and not practical as a finished surface. Wall Glaze will provide a breathable coating with a low sheen level, giving a protective finish.

  • To give protection and extra durability to Claypaint and other painted walls

Some of their paint finishes are highly durable and wipeable. However, the downside of this finish is that it isn’t as highly breathable as Claypaint, so not suitable for lime plaster. Therefore some areas (like high traffic hallways or busy kitchens) might need a little extra durability when painted with Claypaint.
Earthborn Wall Glaze applied on top of Claypaint to provide a hardwearing, durable finish whilst remaining breathable. So if you have used Claypaint on lime plaster, you can be assured that Wall Glaze will remain breathable and give the painted surface some extra protection!