Graphenstone GCS Samples - Now Available

Date published: 21/03/2018

We now have a full stock of sample pots for our Graphenstone GCS colour range to make choosing your colour even easier!

Graphenstone is an exceptional, innovative paint containing graphene which gives it unique, long-lasting properties with good washability. This means that it is possible to now get a tough paint with high adherence yet is still breathable!

It is also perfectly safe to live with - free of VOC’s, emissions and formaldehyde – making a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

It is the only paint on the UK market with gold Cradle to Cradle certification for your peace of mind.

Available in a beautiful range of natural colours for interior or exterior application onto a wide range of backgrounds, these colours do not lose intensity over time.

Order your sample pot here or call 01874 611 350 or email us at