Cork House wins the Stephen Lawrence Prize for Architecture!

Date published: 28/11/2019

We are delighted to hear that the Cork House won the Stephen Lawrence Prize for Architecture!

The Stephen Lawrence Prize rewards new, experimental architectural talent, celebrating projects with a construction budget of less than £1 million. The £5,000 prize has been sponsored by the Marco Goldschmied Foundation since it was first awarded in 1998, in memory of Stephen Lawrence, who was taking steps to become an architect before his untimely death.

Stephen Lawrence Prize founder Marco Goldschmied said:

"Cork House is a unique fusion of ancient construction methods and cutting-edge technical research to produce a highly innovative, low carbon solution with a wide variety of applications from mass housing to emergency shelters. We are delighted to present Matthew Barnett Howland, Dido Milne and Oliver Wilton with the Stephen Lawrence Prize 2019.”

We were pleased to be a Technical Partner in this hugely exciting and successful Innovate Funded project led by Matthew Barnett Howland.

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This an image of the award winning cork house