Good, Green Things About Us!

"We must be the change we want to see" Gandhi

  1. We really do care about where our building materials come from – for the restoration of the Ty-Mawr site, we have sourced all of the materials as locally as we possibly can e.g. Welsh slate, our own timber, Welsh wool insulation etc. minimising the road miles of building products as well as supporting the rural economy.
  2. We are now completely off oil - the heating system for the house, offices and training centre is from a biomass chip boiler  (saving at least 40 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per annum). We have a solar thermal panel for hot water and are just installing PV for electricity production.
  3. We recycle just about everything and we have a green purchasing policy so always look at the environmental implications of the products we use from the coffee we drink, to the paper we use, to the cleaning products we use; we were one of the early achievers of the Green Dragon award showing our commitment to the environment throughout the business. We were extremely proud to be the first company in Wales to receive a UKAS accredited BS8555:2003 Environmental Management System registration under the Seren Scheme. Ever striving to improve we have more recently replaced this when we achieved our ISO14001:2004 accreditation as part of our Integrated Managment System awarded by the British Standards Institute.
  4. We received a biodiversity award in 2007 for the work that we have done to the surrounding land (in which the main business is located) – we have reinstated the old pond and kitchen garden, replanted old orchards (and planted a new orchard of 47 trees – all local varieties), reinstated hedges, stone walls and ditches and planted 100s of indigenous oak, cherry, ash, rowan and chestnut trees. For the millennium, we sent our top 2000 clients an oak or cherry tree to plant (and get various updates about their progress!) as a small gesture to offset carbon.
  5. We have installed rainwater harvesting for our training centre and a sophisticated system on the manufacturing yard to capture and reuse rain-water (we have lots here in Wales!).
  6. We have just taken delivery our first 100% electric car - and are soon to install a PV roof to generate all of its power!
  7. We employ all local people and use local hauliers, caterers, gardeners, contractors, trainers - in fact, we spend the majority of our gross income within a 40-mile radius contributing to creating a sustainable community.
  8. We are committed to using low impact packaging when possible. Our bubble wrap is biodegradable. The shredded paper is the waste paper from our offices and where possible we reuse the packaging we receive. Our boxes and fitments can all be recycled. Plastic product wrap, bags and buckets as well as paint tins can be cleaned and taken to recycling points. Bulk bags, unfortunately, can only be landfilled at this moment in time, and are 'one-use' only. We want to reassure clients that we are continually improving packaging to reduce waste and our environmental impact whilst ensuring that the product reaches you safely and in useable condition. 
  9. We use Welsh raw materials where we can for the products we make and sell (e.g. in our wool insulation, sands, recycled glass for our plasters and mortars etc) or British products (e.g. lime, hemp) where they are available. We do import products where they are not made here e.g. wood wool boards, recycled foamed glass and the plant and mineral-based paints (again we do not have a facility making paints that are this pure within the UK, Germany definitely have a lead in natural paint manufacture – the quality and eco-credentials of these products are second to none). We are acutely aware of maximising the potential on any delivery to reduce road miles where at all possible and so ship full containers whenever possible.
  10. We insist on knowing exactly what our products contain and supply the full declaration of all constituents and where they are sourced.
  11. We continually work to improve the green credentials of our products e.g.looking for alternatives to sands (which deplete a natural resource) and as a result have developed exciting products like the glaster product range, the sublime limecrete floor and the hemp-lime plaster - we will continue to innovate for the benefit of the environment.
  12. We are part of the Welsh Government's Workforce Development Programme and have recently completed a staff engagement project with corporate Instinct showing our commitment to looking after and developing our small team giving them job satisfaction and ensuring that our clients get the best possible advice, product and service.
  13. Our Ethical Award and the All-Parliamentary Corporate Social Responsibility award help to show that we are a socially and environmentally responsible business and operate in an ethical manner. In 2016, we were delighted to be included in the Good Shopping Guide's top Ethical Companies in the World!
  14. We are a family run and focused business. Our children, after all, have to be one of the main motivators for taking better care of the planet on a daily basis.
  15. At Ty-Mawr we are certainly trying to work and live by the principles that we think will create a better future and strive to provide advice and products to our clients that will help them to be the change they wish to see in the world too!

That feels good and worthwhile every single day!