Fresco Painting

We are delighted to announce a new course for 2020 – Fresco Painting!

The medium of fresco is one of the most ancient of painting mediums where pure pigment is applied to ‘fresh’ (from the Italian ‘fresco’) or ‘wet’ lime plaster, and is absorbed into the surface as the plaster goes off.  It is a highly durable medium, lasting thousands of years, and the natural properties of lime combined with the purity and translucency of the raw pigments used, give it a uniquely luminous quality and richly tactile surface.

The course will be of interest to those who have done either decorative and/or plastering courses, as well as to artists interested in learning a new painting medium and expanding their painting knowledge and approach.

It is designed to suit both beginners and more experienced artists, and no prior experience of plastering is necessary. Prior experience of painting/drawing is helpful but not fundamental as the tracing and painting techniques can be adapted to suit all.

Participants will go home with knowledge and understanding of the materials, tools and techniques needed to create their own fresco work, with a small body of developmental work and a final piece in fresco.

You will need to bring your own pencils, pens, notebooks, and if you have them, synthetic watercolour brushes.

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