Underfloor Heating?

Paul Ireland posted this on 2 Feb 2017

Yes, our sublime® system is specifically designed for use with underfloor heating.  

Heat loss through the floor is primarily controlled by the GLAPOR insulation layer. No other insulation material is required beneath the screed but it is advised that you consult your heating engineer with regard to suitable edge insulation (we advise our Corkboard) where the slab meets any external uninsulated masonry. 

The limecrete slab is made from recycled aggregate produced as a byproduct of the steelmaking industry with our hydraulic limecrete binder

We are not underfloor heating specialists and so will not advise on exactly which system to choose however the floor can be used with an electric or wet system. 

Some underfloor heating suppliers have been nervous of limecrete floors and make great claims against using them. However, the introduction of our sublime system has helped enormously and we are happy to help you try to address any objections that you may receive from your chosen company. As an alternative, there is an increasing number of companies that now have experience of working with these floors.  

Please note we do not supply any of the UFH Components, these are readily available at most Builders/Plumbing Supplies etc. 

P.S. Having lived with an underfloor heated limecrete floor - there is no nicer way to heat or live in a room, the heat is right where you need giving a comfortable living space. 

To obtain a quote for your required U-Value, please see our online Calculator

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