Troubleshooting Guide - Limewash Cracking

Tŷ-Mawr ‌‌ posted this on 1 Apr 2016

Limewash Cracking

  1. Mixed too rich – If mixing limewash yourself it should be mixed to the consistency of a full-fat milk. This is approximately 2:1 water to putty. As lime carbonates, it reduces in volume, as such it must be applied thinly to minimise this effect.
  2. Applied too thickly - limewash should be worked into the surface by means of a brush. It should not be applied by roller or sprayed on. A slapdash approach in the application will lead to pooling of the lime wash in nooks on the wall. These thicker areas of limewash will crack as they carbonate and reduce in volume. Any cracks in the surface of the limewash will reduce its longevity.  



Any loose material can be removed using a stiff brush or on larger areas by carefully jet washing the lime wash can then be reapplied in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.   

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