Help choosing the correct woodfibre board

Tŷ-Mawr ‌‌ posted this on 17 Aug 2016

Choosing a Board

Schneider Board Application Brief Description
Wall 180 External Walls External Wall Insulation for Timber Frame Constructions (Suitable for Plastering / Rendering)
Wall 140 External Walls External Wall Insulation for Masonry (Suitable for Plastering / Rendering)
Room 140  Internal Walls Internal Wall Insulation for Timber Stud & Masonry (Suitable for Plastering)
Room 140 Internal Walls Sloping Ceiling / Under Rafter Insulation (Suitable for Plastering)
Top 140, 160, 180 & 220 Sarking & Sheathing Board Weatherproof Sarking & Sheathing Board
Multitherm 110 & 140 Insulation Board Insulation Board for Universal Application (Not suitable for Plastering) 
Flex 50 Flexible Insulation Flexible Insulation Batts for Roofs, Walls and Ceilings
Fibre  Loose Fibre Air Injected Wood Fibre Insulation for Roofs, Floors and Ceilings
Floor 140 Floor Insulation Board  Floor Insulation with Foundation Lath to Fasten Floor Finishes
Floor 220 Floor Insulation Board Floor Insulation for certified sound protection installations on solid wood ceilings with increased compressive stresses.
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