I have newly plastered walls. Is Earthborn EcoPro suitable to paint them?

Tŷ-Mawr ‌‌ posted this on 6 Apr 2016

I have newly plastered lime walls is Earthborn Eco Pro suitable to paint them?

Earthborn Eco Pro Emulsion is the UK manufactured ‘eco paint’ marketed as a trade paint in a range of 100 colours. It also comes in a mid-sheen version for wipe-ability – it is ideal for commercial situations and application over gypsum etc.

However, it is not vapoured permeable to the same degree as Earthborn ClayPaint, Ty-Mawr limewash and Beeck’s Insil are. So it is not advisable in situations with a risk of high condensation or where the background has high levels of moisture and especially not if there are salts in the background.

See below for technical data:

Product        g/m2/24h       
Claypaint 1115
Silicate Masonry Primer 1157
Silicate Masonry Paint 1264
EcoPro Matt Emulsion 727
EcoPro Mid sheen Emulsion        481