An expert has diagnosed Rising Damp. What shall I do?

Tŷ-Mawr ‌‌ posted this on 20 Apr 2016

Rising damp rarely, if ever, exists. Issues of damp will be due to moisture being fed into walls through damaged rainwater goods, paving against walls, higher external ground levels to internal floor levels etc.

 Ignore surveyors that rely on moisture meters to ‘prove’ rising damp. Moisture meters were designed for use in timber and do not work effectively on masonry, brick or plaster walls, often giving false readings.

 Solve moisture ingress issues by:

  • Making sure the roof, flashings, gutters and downpipes are all in working order and maintained
  • Make sure you have drainage around the base of walls, remove all hard standing and provide a ‘soft verge’
  • Lower external ground levels where possible below internal floor levels
  • Ensure that external protection is appropriate for the building and its location
  • Remove plastic masonry paints and cement renders which trap moisture within the walls and replace with vapour permeable alternatives


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