Does your sheeps wool insulation have a fire rating?

Tŷ-Mawr ‌‌ posted this on 8 Apr 2021

Thermafleece CosyWool passes the BE EN 11925 Ignitability test and has a Class E Euroclass rating as is the case for other natural fibre insulation.  BS EN 11925 involves applying a flame source to the bottom edge of the insulation and ensuring the flame does not spread beyond 150mm above the original flame tip.  The test is repeated 6 times with the product passing only if all 6 tests meet the standard.  A degree of flaming is allowed in the test. It is possible if you put a flame to CosyWool it may support a flame for a few seconds but the flame will self-extinguish.

In addition to the Euroclass test, Thermafleece CosyWool passes the British Standard test for smoulder resistance and spread of flame.  This standard also requires that combustion is limited to a specific small area and that combustion is not sustained.

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