Does sheep’s wool have an odour?

Tŷ-Mawr ‌‌ posted this on 17 Feb 2021

Does sheep’s wool have an odour?

The wool in Thermafleece is cleaned by a scouring process that removes almost all wool grease and dirt but it doesn’t go through any secondary processes such as dye baths.  The wool can smell sheepy but it shouldn’t be unpleasant.  The smell of Thermafleece can be more pronounced for a few weeks up to a couple of months after installation until the volatiles that cause the smell evaporate.  The smell will usually reduce after that.

Some things can make the odour of wool seem more pronounced.  If the wool is in damp conditions it will smell stronger, once the dampness goes the smell will diminish.  We normally experience this if Thermafleece is installed shortly before or after wet trade work is conducted (such as plastering) and the internal humidity is very high.

If the bedroom is above the loft and the ceiling has recessed lights or there are draughts coming from them or through other routes from the loft into the room, for example, from a loft hatch then the smell of the insulation will be more pronounced until the odour settles.

I would expect the odour to settle in a matter of weeks.  Some individuals are more sensitive to others to the smell of wool so it is very difficult to determine what their individual threshold for odour is.

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