QMS - Delivery

Tŷ-Mawr ‌‌ posted this on 1 Apr 2016

Please help us to ensure that your delivery goes as smoothly as possible. if the vehicle is kept waiting for fails to deliver the goods, they reserve the right to pass on charges which the client is ultimately responsible for, therefore:

  • Please check your order to see how your goods are being delivered i.e. lorry, van, pallet carrier, and check the vehicle is appropriate for the access to your site;
  • Have you supplied us with a map or written directions, especially of the location is difficult to find?
  • Have we been made aware of any access restrictions (including low trees, bridges with weight/height limits, narrow entrances, restricted turning etc)?
  • Please ensure that you have made arrangements to offload the goods e.g. appropriate machinery, otherwise, you will need to have a pre-booked a tail-lift, hiab lorry or arranged for personnel to manually offload the vehicle. Please note that a tail-lift requires a large, flat area of hard-standing (not gravel) to be able to offload. The driver is not able to move goods around your site - these are logistics that need to be arranged by yourselves. If you have problems arranging this, then please talk to us as we may have a delivery method that is more flexible and could possibly assist.
  • Please ensure that you have organised space for the goods to be put.
  • Please ensure that there is always someone presents that the delivery address to sign for goods. Delivery can be made anytime between 0800 and 1700 on the expected delivery date. You can request for goods to be left in your absence but we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage of the goods after delivery.
  • Goods delivered on the pallet network have to be delivered actually on pallets which will be left on-site for your disposal. Unfortunately, we cannot take the pallets back.
  • Please ensure that we have more than one contact number in case there are queries or problems when trying to make the delivery.
  • Offloading - if the delivery vehicle is kept waiting for offload to be arranged/undertaken, additional charges will be incurred.
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