Sublime® Insulated Limecrete Floor


Ty Mawr’s Sublime® is an Insulated Limecrete Flooring System originally designed for solid wall construction but is equally appropriate for new builds and extensions.

“15% of heat loss in old buildings is through the floor!”

It comprises of two primary layers – the Glapor SG600 Recycled Foamed Glass (RFG) Insulating Gravel layer and the Limecrete Slab.

The Glapor SG600 RFG product is a high-performance gravel made from 100% recycled glass; it’s exceptional qualities enable it to act as the hardcore and construction layer, whilst providing moisture management (with a known wicking break and non-capillary draw) and insulation.

The Limecrete Slab is made from a blend of natural hydraulic lime and recycled aggregates and can be used as an alternative to concrete in certain applications including as a breathable floor slab in old, solid wall buildings or as part of an insulated foundation system (Sylfaen). It is, therefore, suitable for use in older/traditional buildings as well as more sustainable new builds.

It provides the main load-bearing element of the floor as well as providing thermal mass, it has good insulating properties, reduced carbon costs compared to other floor slab materials, zero harmful off-gassing and is breathable and lightweight.

“…we had to find a method of controlling the relative humidity levels within the building so that both the historic and new oak, timber work would not be adversely affected. The use of a controllable under-floor heating system combined with an insulated limecrete floor… was seen as an ideal way of minimising such problems, enabling the building to dry out gently and naturally, whilst moderating the internal environment for staff and visitors.”


To speak to us about your project, call us on 01874 611350 or to undertake free calculation for your project, please use our newly launched on-line calculation service and you will be emailed a competitive quotation.

Customer confidence and satisfaction in our products and systems is of primary importance which is why we invest heavily in product testing, certification and product support. Our team have 20 years of experience supporting Limecrete floors and are on hand to design the floor to meet the needs of your specific building, ensuring that you get the best performance from your floor for all of the years to come.

Ty-Mawr’s Sublime Floor was the first insulated Limecrete flooring to achieve the LABC (Local Authority Building Control) Registered Detail and so it is recognised in all 376 local authority areas. The Registered Details help to streamline and simplify the planning application and building control process, to assist your project and to give you peace of mind.

We also provide telephone support, site visits (please call to discuss), see our Knowledge Hub for installation guides and common FAQ's and have even produced a ‘how-to’ video – see below – to help to ensure that your project is a success.

We are the exclusive UK distributor of the Glapor Recycled Foamed glass which gives the floor exceptional technical characteristics and environmental credentials.

To speak to us about your project, call us on 01874 611350 or to undertake free calculation for your project, please use our newly launched online calculation service and you will be emailed a competitive quotation.

Please see our Courses Section for the next Limecrete Course.

To see an example of this product in use, see our case studies of Brownshill Court, Wick Street, and Delapre Abbey, Northhampton.

To see our range of Retrofit Insulation Systems for Old Buildings Brochure please click here

Sublime - Illustrated Quick Guide 

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