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"...you really helped salvage stage one of our renovation programme as no one was prepared to help us... You were patient, thorough and extremely helpful, we couldn't have moved forward without the skill you instilled into us... Many thanks for an enjoyable day, the plaster all over my feet and the fact that my next door neighbour now asks me for advice!". JT, Vale of Glamorgan

Torching in Gloucesterhsire

Nick Miles Contractors added airtightness, acoustic and thermal insulation after weather-proofing the underside of the tiles by torching in this Gloucestershire farmhouse. This method has been used for hundreds of years and is still effective against water penetration.  


Torching the underside of tiles using a torching mix.

nick insulation 

Ty-Mawr Thermafleece was placed under the roof tiles and woodfibre board fixed it into position as well as providing a background carrier for the plaster.

nick plaster 

The roof space was finished with a lime plaster to maintain the aesthetic within an old building and importantly to maintain the 'breathability' of the whole structure.

Using compatible, breathing materials will ensure that the wooden roof structure is given the best possible environment to survive for the next few hundred years. Using hard impervious materials with wood should always be avoided as water will get trapped and will introduce problems of wet and dry rot, slowly but surely eroding the woodwork!


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