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"Your help was invaluable in the early stages and your website is really good, but most of all, the friendly, helpful response that I received on every occasion that I contacted Ty-Mawr convinced me that you were the people to place the order with and we are not disappointed with our choice in any way. Many thanks to you and your team...".

Limecrete and Sublime®

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2014 SublimeLABC Registered - Sublime® Limecrete Floor

Sublime LogoLABC registered detail

From the birth of our innovative Limecrete flooring system, launched in 1998 as a breathable, lightweight alternative to cement-based concrete, we at Ty-Mawr have been selecting and testing various materials and combinations of materials to both simplify the installation process and improve the ‘green’ credentials of our floors.


Following developments in the manufacturing process of the GLAPOR Foamed Glass gravel and extensive testing of our recycled lime screed product we are proud to announce the launch of our first breathable, sustainable floor system designed specifically for use with underfloor heating ‘Sublime®’


glaporRecycled Foamed Glass Gravel (RFG) - GLAPOR

GLAPOR Recycled Foamed Glass gravel is a superior loosefill insulating aggregate ideal for use in our LABC accredited limecrete flooring system.

Our flooring system does not include a moisture impermeable barrier (Damp Proof Membrane). The control of ingress of moisture is achieved by using a layer of recycled foamed glass aggregate beneath the slab material. This material carries CE certification (0992-C13.10.010) and its non capillary active closed cell structure provides the moisture protection for your floor while remaining vapour open.

This material also has an excellent thermal resistance capability. We calculate the thickness of this layer to provide a specified U Value, taking into account the length/thickness of perimeter walls, overall floor area etc - see Accredited Floor Calculation Form.

SurfaPore-mSurfapore M

Active Nanotechnology for protecting Marbles, Granites & Gtones against stains and oil.

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